cres·cen·do (kr-shnd)

cres·cen·do  (kr-shnd)

cres·cen·do  (kr-shnd)

n.cres·cen·do or cres·cen·di (-d)

1. Abbr. cr. Music

a. A gradual increase, especially in the volume or intensity of sound in a passage.
b. A passage played with a gradual increase in volume or intensity.

a. A steady increase in intensity or force: “insisted [that] all paragraphs … should be structured as a crescendo rising to a climactic last sentence” (Henry A. Kissinger).

Gradually increasing in volume, force, or intensity.
adv. Music

With a crescendo.
intr.v. cres·cen·doedcres·cen·do·ingcres·cen·does

To build up to or reach a point of great intensity, force, or volume: “The designer-name craze crescendoed in the mid-seventies” (Bernice Kanner).